Ben Stolorow Trio on Jim Bennett’s KCSM show “In the Moment”

Tune in to 91.1 for Bay Area people, or listen live at for Jim Bennett’s show, “In the Moment” this Sunday 4/22/12 at 8 pm PDT. Jim will be broadcasting Lee Brenkman’s recording of the first set of my show at the Jazzschool in Berkeley on 1/14/12, with myself on piano, Dan Feiszli on bass, and Jon Arkin on drums.

I don’t say this too often, but it seemed that there was something special about this set. Lee provided excellent sound that night, and I felt that the three of us were really listening and in tune with the sound and each other. The audience seemed to be very present as well. Hope you can catch it!

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Ben Stolorow Trio at Piedmont Piano

Had a great time performing a concert with Dan and Jon earlier this month at Old St. Hillary’s Church in Tiburon.  It’s a real pleasure to explore musically with these guys as we continue to play together and develop our trio vibe.  I am excited to experience what the next show will bring!

This Saturday, November 19th, we will have our debut performance at Piedmont Piano, a beautiful venue in downtown Oakland.  I’ll be playing on $200,000 Fazioli grand piano, one of the finest around!  In addition to material from the album, we’ll also be performing a lot of new material as I am always trying to expand the trio’s as well as my own repertoire.

For more info visit

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Ben Stolorow CD Release Party at Yoshi’s Oakland

Announcing the CD Release Party for the The Ben Stolorow Trio release, Almost There!

Yoshis Oakland
August 8th
Admission $14

Ben Stolorow Trio – Yoshis – Download PDF

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